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Procuring Cause Policy

The National Association of Realtor's definition of Procuring Cause is the "interplay of factors which together demonstrate that the unbroken efforts of a specific broker were responsible for the buyer making the decision to consummate the deal on terms which the seller found acceptable. 

In other words... The sale would not have occurred but for the broker's efforts. (

While buyers and tenants have the right to be represented at any time during a transaction, if you are not the procuring cause, you will need to look to your clients for payment of your compensation.

While there are many factors that can affect the procuring cause issue, we strive to keep the communication clear to avoid misunderstandings.  This is why Kean Properties LLC had developed the following policy regarding cooperating brokers being procuring cause.

To protect your position as cooperating broker and procuring cause:
1) We will ask all potential buyers and tenants to sign a disclosure form that  states

A) If they are working with a broker and, if so, who the broker is and what is there relationship with that broker.  If they list you as their broker, we will contact you and bring you into the transaction at that time.

B) What or agency relationship is to the potential buyer or tenant.  This disclosure form will be signed, dated and kept on files.

2) We expect you will instruct your buyer/tenants that you be the first to contact our office on a specific property.

3) We will expect you to accompany your buyer or tenant on the first showing or meeting.  If this is not possible, please contact us prior to the showing.

4) We will expect that through your continuous efforts to complete the transaction, you will be a part of any negotiations and any offers or contracts are submitted through you.

We want you to get paid for your hard work.

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